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Mankind’s healthy life shall be assured by GENIE KOREA and it’s made in KOREA


How to make a difference

1. Free from Any Artificial Ingredients and Gluten
GENIE Aloe Vera Drink keeps its alternative characters with Natural Ingredients and it’s the first priority whenever we’re manufacturing it in KOREA.

GENIE Aloe Vera Drink is 100% free from any Artificial Food Colors and Flavors. Of course, GENIE Aloe Vera Drink is also free from Gluten because of its alternative recipe in the soft drink category.
In fact, there is a little popular to insert some kinds of Artificial Food Colors or Flavors into the general recipe of Aloe Drink because it’s widely allowed to decrease the production cost. In general, there are contained the Light Green Food Color with the Green Grape (Muscat) Flavor in order to stand out it a little more fresh and delicious feeling than Natural Aloe Drink.

Besides, it’s a little more colorful because these kinds of Aloe Drink keep its green color with an artificial food color and it could be in confusion for Health-Conscious consumers who’re paying their special attention to buy the more healthy and natural Aloe Drink.

GENIE ALOE VERA DRINK is always doing its best how to make it close to the Natural ALOE VERA DRINK.

2. Rich Natural Aloe Vera Pulps – Secret of 700gram
GENIE Aloe Vera Drink is focused on providing all of Natural Aloe Vera’s Healthy Benefits for our consumers and it’s originated from the selection of Real and Very well-Grown Natural Aloe Vera Leaves.

How to get the fully grown Aloe Vera Leaves is from the cultivation and the most important factor is the weather condition to reach this subject because there is essential to be required enough water to get the suitable length and weight of Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves for the production of GENIE Aloe Vera Drink.

GENIE Aloe Vera Drink is always doing its best how to get the fully grown Healthy Aloe Vera Leaves in order to provide the benefit of Natural Aloe Vera Leaves for our consumers and it’s started from the strict sorting process to get the suitable Each Aloe Vera Leaf which weighs more than 700gram at least.

This is a reason why GENIE ALOE VERA DRINK could be labeled like 

3.  Less Sugar Content without Any Fructose and Syrup
GENIE ALOE VERA DRINK is always trying to find the best way how to decrease total Sugar Content to enjoy it with the more convenient condition.

Even if we don’t reach the best solution to get the Real Sugar Free recipe yet, we’re replaced All of Sugar contents in GENIE Aloe Vera Drink with only Natural Cane Sugar without Any Fructose or Syrup. It’s finally decreased total Calories than some of normal soft drink products.

We’re still in a serious Research and Development to find the more clean sugar free materials and this is our 
Goal to introduce the next stage’s GENIE ALOE VERA DRINK.

How to produce aloe drink

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